What is CEME?

CEME stands for “Common European Medical Engineering” and has many meanings. This page will provide an overview of the most popular definitions for CEME and what they mean in the Medical field. The terms are categorized by country and alphabetical order. Click on a definition to learn more. The links on the right will provide detailed information on each definition, as well as translations into the respective language. To help you learn more about CEME, you can visit the CEME glossary.


The Center for Emergency Medical Education is an educational initiative that prepares future physicians and emergency medical professionals for the rapidly-changing world of medicine. Their educational programs help prepare physicians for the complexities and hazards of emergency medicine and make the general public aware of the importance of staying informed. There are many benefits to working with CEME and joining its team. Find out the benefits of becoming a member today. Let’s take a closer look! There are many reasons to join the CEME team.

CEME has a wealth of knowledge about EMS and EM systems. It also offers training on various advanced technologies for healthcare professionals. Its products range from solenoid valves to pumps, and covers a wide variety of applications. The company is known for its quality, innovation, and technical engineering know-how. A wide variety of services are offered by CEME, and its mission is to improve healthcare in the United States. Once you join the CEME family, you’ll be a member for life.