What is CEME?

CEME stands for Community Education Management Exchange, and the acronym stands for “Community Economic and Management Exchange”. Its mission is to develop effective ways for improving educational systems across the United States at a low cost. For those interested in the subject, CEME is a great place to start. Its website provides information and resources for educators of all levels. It also publishes journals and other publications focusing on various topics related to the field of education.


The purpose of CEME is to drive new sales for client companies by differentiating their brand from the competition. The company’s proprietary process is based on an idea developed by its founder, Michael McCormack. It addresses a common problem with the wealth of available data. Individual pieces of information are of limited value when isolated from other relevant information. When presented in context, however, the diverse facts can lead to a novel teaching. This is the foundation for CEME.

CEME is a nonprofit association that focuses on the health of communities. It is one of the few organizations in the country that seeks to innovate in the field of education. The organization’s mission is to improve education for all communities in the United States. This organization is made up of members who are interested in improving education. If you’re an educator, you should learn more about CEME. You can also download a graphic of the major definitions of CEME.