Poker has been the most popular card game throughout history and is still one of the most popular today. Poker is also known as “Texas Hold’em” by many, and is the most widely known card game in history. Poker is a collection of fifteen card games that are played with the use of seven playing cards each, and is played by two or more individuals at a time. Poker is played by one individual at a time using four hands: Flop, Turn, Jack and Queen.


In draw poker, a standard poker hand contains three cards; the two cards may be flop, turn or straight. Draw Poker is also called “Texas Hold’em”, “brush off” or “shuffling”, and involves a minimum of four players. In draw poker, the dealer will usually deal the deck into three piles, one containing the regular dealt cards, and one additional pile containing the cards that have been removed from the deck. A standard poker hand has fifteen cards, and may contain any combination of those cards that can be made up into a winning hand.

A Wild Card is a hand that is dealt no cards and is worth one less than the current hand. Players may call, raise or fold, depending on how many wild cards are in the pot. If there is not enough money in the ante to handle all of the bets and calls, then the players may split the pot among themselves. The last two players in a poker game that stay at the end are the winner of the pot and the player with the most chips at the end of the game.