How to Win BandarQ

Playing BandarQ is intellectually challenging, but it is not impossible for you to win it. The game has a lot of luck involved. There are no incredibly powerful technics to win the game. All you need is good fortune and a little observation. If you play at a table where the fortune is high, you have a better chance of losing. If the luck is low, you increase your chances of winning.


When you play Bandarq, you’ll be dealt two cards from the dealer. Match these cards and win. If you get the same value card, you’ll win. If the cards are not matched, the player with the higher value wins. It’s easy to play as a dealer, but you’ll need a large capital to make a lot of money. You can also try your luck as a bookie, which is the easiest way to make money with Bandarq.

The game is simple to learn, but requires a particular technique. Having a large capital is vital for winning. You can also become a bookie and earn money by being a dealer. However, you should be careful about your money. A large amount of capital will ensure you a higher chance of winning. Remember that there is only one dealer in the game, so make sure you only deal with a reputable agent.