Frequently Asked Questions About CEME

Many Frequently Asked Questions are thrown at the readers of Chennai airport Express Blog, as we are eagerly waiting for the arrival of our favorite train – CEME, the luxury train operated by the Chennai International Airport Limited (CEMA). CEME is the train that would take us to our favorite tourist destinations and it is expected to operate on daily basis from Andhra Pradesh to Cochin. It is scheduled to operate seven days each week starting from Tuesday to Thursday. So, what is all about CEME?

Generally, what is known as a ‘cameo’ in India means a luxury train. But this is not the case with C Emerson, since CEME is also meant to provide comfort and luxury to the passengers, but at the same time, provide them with a pleasant and memorable traveling experience. CEME Frequently Asked question.

Cemenu station is the terminus of the Chennai Eva International Express train which departs Chennai Srinagar and takes passengers to their destinations in northern India. This train has been extended to Cochin and Goa. In fact, CEME has become extremely popular among the tourists as well as the passengers. It has received many awards and is among the best luxury trains of India.