Center For Emergency Medical Education – What is the CEME Abbreviation?

Center for Emergency Medical Education is a not for profit educational institution in Michigan that also offers paramedic, EMT and CRNA classes. It was founded in 1974 and is one of the few institutions offering such a wide variety of medical education programs and training courses. There are many reasons why it is considered to be an important and outstanding institution. The following will elaborate on the above-mentioned reasons that make this educational center so highly regarded.


The CEME acronym stands for Center for Emergency Medical Education Research. This is important because of the fact that this medical educational institute has been involved in conducting research in this particular field. They have even formed an international team known as the “C Emerg Teaching Affiliate Program”, which is looking for people who can assist them in the research work. They also offer medical coursework online to people across the world. This program was established in response to the growing demand for quality emergency medical training in countries all over the globe.

The other important aspect that makes the CEME acronym famous is its simple and easy to understand acronymical name. Even those who have little or no knowledge about the field may recognize the letters spelled out in the acronym. The use of an acronym in medical education is very popular because most people have heard the combination of letters (C, M, A, E, R, and S) and an extra “s” in their names. Therefore, when an emergency situation takes place, it is easy to remember the basic terms used in the field of medicine (such as C E M).