Bandarq – What is Bandarq?

Bandarq is a card game in which the player uses cards similar to dominoes. The game consists of 28 cards of different values. The player with the highest value of his cards wins the game. The game is played online and does not require a bookie. All players have the right to play as a player and bookie, but the dealer is the one who chooses who will be the player and which will be the bookie.


The game is played with at least two players and can be played with as many as eight players. There are three roles in this game: the bookie, the player, and the bookie. Each of them must issue dominoes in order to win. A player or dealer who wins a round will get double the amount of bet money he placed. In this game, all players have the right to play as bookie.

If you are a gambler, you may want to consider playing Bandarq online. There are many advantages to this game, but you should never use it to make your first deposit. Instead, you should follow the bandarq website and play making bets at anytime of the day or night. As a gambler, you will be able to enjoy a number of bonuses that you would not find in a land-based casino.